Formula for adding amounts/donations if received between two dates

Hi there, I am using the following formula to calculate total donations received within a period of time:

YEAR({Received Date}) = YEAR(TODAY())

However, I would like to modify this, so that instead of “TODAY()” - which gives the current year (2020) , I can set a time period like March 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021 (which matches our financial year).

How do I do this in existing formula?


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I think your best option would be a view that shows you the dates that you are looking for.

Or are you looking to do some calculations based on the result?



I need to calculate a result.

I am using Page designer to generate donor receipts, so I did use a new grid view with a filter that pulls in only the records from within the specified period (that works well) but I am unable to generate a total figure for the same range.

So I used a rollup (sum values) to calculate the total amount but it is adding up all the entries from the donor…I was trying the formula above in order to create a second rollup for only the amounts in the desired time period but I’m not sure how to specificy a range beyond “YEAR(TODAY())”

Well now you can make a conditional rollup formula. So you choose the condition of the rollup to be the date between the dates you are looking for. It is better and easier than creating another formula in the same table.

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Thanks so much. I am so new to Airtable I didn’t even see the button on the rollup to add conditions. Wow, that makes it really simple.


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