Formula for calculating date by months


I would like to create a total sum of the figures based on the dates I have into the months. What is the formula for that if I want to use the roll-up function?


Welcome to the community, @Andy_Ho! :smiley: Can you be more specific about what you want to accomplish? I’m not sure what you mean by “a total sum of the figures based on the dates I have into the months.”

Hi sorry for being clear.

I am creating a page a spreadsheet on invoices created. We have a ‘Dates’ field for each invoice. I want to group the invoices by month without having to create another field. I just want to check if that is possible with the ‘Group’ or a ‘Rollup’ table on another spreadsheet.

Hi @Andy_Ho

What you need to do is to first create a calculated Year:Month field (because if you group by the Date field as is it will group by day):


and then group by that:


You could also use a rollup technique to another table which would have to have a record for each month - and each Invoice would then need to be linked to the appropriate Month record. Probably the grouping idea is better.

Hope this helps,


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That works!!! Thanks so much!

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