Formula for Checkboxes Across Multiple Fields

Hi everyone!

Looking to create a formula that will show the status of requesting copy. I’d like it to cover the 3 fields I have (all checkboxes) so when a team is done providing a component of copy, they check the box and the status appears.

Field 1: Copy Requested Checkbox
Field 2: Ready for QA Checkbox
Field 3: QA Approved Checkbox

Hoping the formula can mirror this:
IF Copy Requested is checked then the Status is Copy Requested
IF Ready For QA is checked then the Status is Ready for QA
IF QA Approved is checked then the Status is QA Approved

I have it figured out with just one field in the formula, but to add multiple is where I’m getting stuck.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Ali_Shannon,

Is it a requirement that the checkboxes be “stacked” or sequential?

If not, here is what you need:

   {QA Approved},
   "QA Approved",
      {Ready for QA},
      "Ready for QA",
         {Copy Requested},
         "Copy Requested",
         "<<Your 'no status' message here>>"

If the checkboxes must be checked sequentially, such that the status messages only appear if each antecedent checkbox is also checked, there’s a little more logical work to do – message back if that’s the case.

But also, you might want to consider using a Single Select field with 4 options in it:

  • Your Pre-request Status
  • Copy Requested
  • Ready for QA
  • QA Approved

Then, instead of having your team members check boxes when their job is done, you could use a KanBan view to move a project, or whatever it is your records represent, through status lanes as it progress by just dragging the card from one status lane to the next. That might prove a cleaner approach, and might remove the need for this formula field altogether.

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