Formula for Combining Multi-Select Fields

Greetings Airtable Community,

I am seeking help with formatting the formula below that combines data from two multi-select fields:

{College}&" and "&{Department}
Example of what the formula returns: Humanities and Department of Religion

{College} is always be populated, but {Department} is sometimes empty.
When this is the case, the formula returns: Humanities and

Is it possible to edit the formula so that if {Department} is empty, the " and " will be removed, returning just the name of the College?

Thank you very much!

Hi @John_Dlouhy
Can you try this formula?

IF(Department, College&' and '&Department, College)

Here’s an alternate way to write it. Because the college name will always be in the result, there’s no need to include it in the condition, as that only relates to the department.

College & IF(Department, " and " & Department)

This worked like a charm! Greatly appreciated, Justin!

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