Formula for percent progress marking tasks as Complete

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to create a Field where I can mark tasks as either “Complete”, “In progress”, or “Not started” based on the Percent Complete I have manually entered in another field.

I’m using this formula, and it’s working for everything except Complete:
IF({Progress} = 100, “Complete”, IF({Progress} = 0,“Not started”, “In process”))

I’m also including a screenshot. What am I doing wrong?


Percent fields are stored as decimal values. So 100% isn’t 100 its 1.0. Therefore your formula should be:

   1, "Complete",
   0, "Not started",
   "In process"

or the following if you want to stick with nested IF()s

IF({Progress} = 1, "Complete",
IF({Progress} = 0, "Not started", "In process"))

Amazing, thank you!!!

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