Formula for removing a comma from an email that has been extracted from a rollup

How do I remove a comma from in front of an email that has been extracted from a rollup. I am very new to this formula writing.

I have a rollup field that has two emails in it. I have extracted the first email by itself. However, the second email alway has a comma in front of it. I need to remove that comma.

  1. How do I do that?
  2. Can I do it by altering this formula in any way?

REGEX_REPLACE({Email Roll Up from Educator}, “([^,])(.)”, “$2”)

Again, thank you for any help on this.

I would try SUBSTITUTE. REGEX could work too but I’m lazy

SUBSTITUTE({Field with Comma In It}, ",", "")


Lazy is good for me! I just needed something so that I could configure a field and this will do it! Thank you! :partying_face:

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