Formula for showing days remaining for a task?

Hi, what formula can I use to show many days remain for a task?

For example, if there are 4 days remaining before the Due Date, I’d like that cell to read “4”

I tried using a formula from another table but it didn’t work. The existing formula was: IF({Name (from Due Date)}, DATETIME_DIFF({Name (from Due Date)}, TODAY(), ‘days’))

My new formula is: IF({Follow Up Date}), DATETIME_DIFF({Follow Up Date}), TODAY(), ‘days’)) - but this one doesn’t seem to function correctly.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Christopher

Hi @Torus_Global - you’re nearly there. There’s a couple of stray RH brackets that must have got copied over. Try this

IF({Follow Up Date}, DATETIME_DIFF({Follow Up Date}, TODAY(), 'days'))
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Bingo, that was it. Thanks, @JonathanBowen!

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