Formula Formatter Not Displaying for Number Result

I have the following formula in one of my bases:

IF(WORKDAY_DIFF(TODAY(),{Hold Start}) > 1, WORKDAY_DIFF(TODAY(),{Hold Start}),“0”)

Hold start is a date for a project starting. Essentially all I’m doing is putting a zero instead of a negative if the workday diff is less than 1. Easy enough.

Problem is, despite the fact that this spits out a numerical result, I am not able to format it as a number. And formulas relying on the output from this field are giving me an error.

I tried just baking this formula into my next formula that relies on it, but the same issue of not being able to format the number persists (so I get odd results like .7777777778 and so on).

Any idea how I could create the result of this formula but have airtable realize it is in fact outputting a number?

Well, I very quickly solved my own problem. Just needed to remove the quotation marks around the zero. Did not realize this formatted it as text.

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