Formula help, Concatenate with multiple linked records

I have a column which has multiple linked records as Contacts in. Then I have lookup fields for the contact information (email and phone number) for those linked records.

I am trying to make another column as a concatenate formula which shows “{Contact Name 1}, {Email Address 1}, {Phone Number 1}”. But because I have multiple linked records in a column it is instead coming up as “{Contact Name 1}, {Contact Name 2} {Email Address 1}, {Email Address 2} {Phone Number 1}, {Phone Number 2}”.

Is there a way in the formula for me to limit how the information populates by linked record vs information requested?

Create a formula in your [Contacts] table that concatenates the name and contact info. Then rollup/lookup that formula.

This works, but I still have a formatting issue with the lookup/rollup where the second contact name shows after the phone number instead of on it’s own line. Is it possible to format it a bit more?

Use a rollup field with a formula that inserts newline characters between each record’s data:

ARRAYJOIN(values, "\n")

When I want even more visual separation between records, I use a variation of this formula:

ARRAYJOIN(values, "\n-------\n")

This is PERFECT. Thank you so much!!!

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