Formula help: Conditional IF formula?

Hi all! I’m not sure if this can be done, but I’d like to have a column with a conditional formula.

My columns are:

Date purchased - DATE
Acquired - SINGLE SELECT (presale, second hand, trade)
Arrived - SINGLE SELECT (Y) if no I leave it blank

I have IF(Acquired=“Presale”, DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(), {Date purchased}, ‘days’) but I was wondering if I could add that if it has arrived to either leave it blank or have 0.

I’m trying to keep track of how long it’s been since I paid for a presale and once the item has arrived the number of days is no longer required, which means a number in the column (aside from 0) would confuse me.

Is this possible?

The following should do it for you:


I hope this helps,


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