Formula Help - Dates [Solved]


Hello, community. I am in need of help with my formula. For the most part, it is doing what I want it to do except for when the day is today. I have it set up to let me know when tasks are overdue, due soon, and due today. When the date is today, it does not add due today to my title. What am I doing wrong with the formula?

IF({Status} != “Complete”, IF(AND(DATETIME_DIFF({Due Date},TODAY(),‘hours’) >=24,DATETIME_DIFF({Due Date},TODAY(),‘hours’) <=120), ":hourglass_flowing_sand:DUE SOON​:hourglass_flowing_sand: ", IF(IS_BEFORE({Due Date},TODAY()), ":alarm_clock:OVERDUE​:alarm_clock: ", IF(IS_SAME({Due Date},TODAY(), ":red_circle:DUE TODAY​:red_circle: "))))) & ({Design Projects} & " - ") & (Task & " - ") & Designer


Hard to know for sure without testing… but looks like it might be missing a closing ) after your condition.

IS_SAME({Due Date},TODAY())


Thank you, that was it.