Formula Help: IF statement to override calculated date field with a manual date

Hi Airtable community! Hoping for some assistance with an If statement.

We have a workback schedule for deliverables based on an event date
Workback:Materials Due: WORKDAY(Date,-45))

Occasionally, we will need to adjust the deliverable dates if the date of the event is determined later than the typical schedule allows for. I created a “Manual Deadline” date field.
Manual: Materials Due: DATE

I would like to create an If statement Formula field for Materials Due that will populate it with the Workback: Materials Due date UNLESS the Manual: Materials Due field has a date in it, in which case it will display the manual date.

Can someone please assist? My brain has trouble with if statements :wink:

IF({Manual: Materials Due} = “”,WORKDAY({Date},-45),{Manual: Materials Due})

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You rock Vivid Squid! :squid:

No problem.

IF formulas are not too tricky. I think of them like this: There are 3 sections to an IF statement.

  1. A thing that will be true
  2. When number 1 is true do this
  3. When number 1 is not true do this

Each section is separated by a comma.

So in our formula we have: {Manual: Materials Due} = “”, saying to be true this field will be blank. Then the next section is if that is true subtract 45 days from date. Then the last section is If not true (blank) show the manual date.

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Thank you for breaking this down. I thought that I would have to create a third Deliverables Date field but the formula you sent me works perfectly and makes sense!

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