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I have a formula I can’t figure out.
My column that I want as a formula is called “Forecasted SCIP Received” To calculate this date, I need to use another column called “Actual Site Walk Date” plus a “Duration” column. However, if “Actual Site Walk Date” is empty, I need it to use “Forecasted Site Walk Date” instead, so: If the “Actual Site Walk Date” is not Empty, then “Actual Site Walk Date” + “Duration”. But if Actual Site Walk Date is empty, then “Forecasted Site Walk Date” + “Duration” How do I write this?

You can use a formula field with the IF function and DATEADD. They are documented in the formula field reference. Note that duration fields store time in seconds, so you need to specify to add seconds.

IF({Actual Site Walk Date},
  DATEADD({Actual Site Walk Date}, {Duration}, 'seconds'),
  DATEADD({Forecasted Site Walk Date}, {Duration}, 'seconds')   

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I think something like this should do it for you:
Was in the middle of writing this when @kuovonne answered. My formula is essentially the same, just condensed a little – I’ll still post it in case it’s preferable, but please mark @kuovonne’s answer as the solution :slight_smile:

   IF({Actual Site Walk Date}, {Actual Site Walk Date}, {Forecasted Site Walk Date}),
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Thank you! This worked for me! :slight_smile: :smiley:

Thank you! Appreciate the follow up!

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