Formula IF - Repeating one solution from Excell in Airtable


Hello, everyone. I’m quite new using Airtable, so maybe there’s an easy way to do what I need with Airtable and I can’t see it. I use Excell to so some functions and I’d love to do it also with Airtable. Here’s what I need:
I have an Excell spreadsheet to control things that are posted in different social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. My primary field is a list of post names, then I have a lot of information about these post (that I’m not showing here) and in the end of the spreadsheet there’s a checkbox field which gives me the information about the social media that these posts have been published in. These is how my Excell looks like:

So everytime I click on a checkbox (Instagram, Facebook, etc) and put a date of publication in the main table, it repeats the record in a separated table which lists all the posts that were posted in ONE specific social media webpage. This is very usefull to have a quick view of what was posted in each social media webpage, separatedly. Is there any possibility to do something similar with Airtable, but using two different tables? I mean, I needed all the information about the posts in one table, then another table, linked to this main table, which lists only the post names, the dates of publications, just like I have in my Excell.
Any ideas? Thanks a lot!


It sounds like you only need one table with your posts in and need to configure different views for that table. You can choose which fields to displayed in a view, and also filter them to only display certain posts according to defined rules. So you could filter the view to only show posts that have a checkbox ticked and a date of publication added.