Formula match element in list of postal codes (OR)

How can I write a formula where I could say "return true if value is 95000, or starts with 923, or …)

I’d probably use a regex for this but airtable doesn’t allow that. What’s the next best thing?

There are limits to what you can do, but it should get you started.

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Would something like this work for you?:
IF(OR(Value=95000, AND(Value>=92300, Value<=92399), etc..), true, false)

I thought regexes weren’t possible with Airtable :open_mouth: Thanks for pointing this out!

Not really, they’re not numbers but rather strings (postal codes can be all kind of weirdness), and the AND/OR is quite hard to read when there are more than 3 possibilities/combinations.

I was able to do what I was looking for using regexes.

Formula "isPostalCodeAroundParis":

REGEX_MATCH(fieldName, '^(78280|91400|920[0-9]{2}|932[0-9]{2}|93460|940[0-9]{2}|9500[0-9]{1}|95800)$')

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