Formula outcome not formated as currency


Hi. I’ve been struggling to find solution to format formula result into currency.

So idea is that I have 4 columns.
Hourly price / Time spent / Billable? / Cost
€25.00 / 1:20:11 / True / Formula which looks if entry is billable (true/false), and if it is, then calculates cost. If not, set cost as €0

Current formula - IF({Billable?}=“True”,{Hourly rate}*Duration/3600, “€0.00”)

What i would like to do is get outcome to be an actual currency, not plain text. If possible, even act as currency value, not only look like it.

When i go into Formatting tab, it says - “Your result type is not a number or a date. Formatting options are currently only available if your result type is a number or a date.”

An I get result which looks something like this - 33.40972222222222

Any suggestions?


Get rid of the last part of your formula: IF({Billable?}=“True”,{Hourly rate}*Duration/3600). Then use the field’s formatting options and set it to display as a currency.

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Whoa. Simple as that. Thanks a lot! Saved tons of time :slight_smile: