Formula Question

I have a formula that pulls site numbers from a table to print onto a invoice built in Page Designer. A few of those site numbers have the letter “A” on them, (example = 141A). The proper site number configuration is showing up in the table/fields, but the ones with the letter on the end are not printing on the invoice with the letter extension, (141 has no “A” showing up when printed). What is not right in the formula to cause it to drop the letter extension when printing the site number to paper? Oh yea. And I checked the field width in the Page Designer invoice, looks like there’s plenty of room.

IF({:white_check_mark:Checked In Site},VALUE(TRIM(RIGHT({:white_check_mark:Checked In Site},SEARCH(" ",{:white_check_mark:Checked In Site})))))

Integer (2)

Remove the VALUE() statement from your formula. That statement returns an integer, and an integer data-type is going to trim any non-numbers from your Site-numbers. You need this field to return a string, not an integer.


Will do! Thank you Sir!! I am enjoying learning Airtable, and it’s features! :+1:t2::+1:t2: