Formula results are not recognized as dates

I came up with the following formula.

IF({Registration date}=BLANK(),
‘1’,DATEADD({Registration date},30, “days”),
‘2’,DATEADD({Registration date},30, “days”),
‘3’,DATEADD({Registration date},30, “days”)
‘2’,DATEADD({Registration date},30, “days”)),
‘3’,DATEADD({Registration date},30, “days”),
‘5’,DATEADD({Registration date},30, “days”)
) ) )

Depending on the PLAN and TYPE, we want to return the value of {Registration date} plus the number of days.

And if {Registration date} is blank, I want the value of the formula to be blank as well (to avoid #ERROR).

However, the returned value is not recognized as a date and is displayed as follows


If I remove the IF statement at the beginning, it is recognized as a date format.

Is there any way to resolve this?


dealing with dates is always tricky… try to format the outcome by using DATETIME_FORMAT(, )
I think that the final result is a Date type. You can get more info here:

good luck

Your IF statement essentially says: If {Registration Date} is empty then return an empty string, otherwise return a date. When any possible output of a Formula is a string, all the results will be a string. So restructure the IF to do one of the following:

{Registration date}=BLANK(),
[your nested SWITCH statements]


{Registration date},
[your nested SWITCH statements]

I got exactly what I wanted! Thank you very much! from japan

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