Formula that counts in values from a multi-select column/cell

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I’m trying to “score” some of the records in my table, one of the columns represents a localization information about each record, e.g.:


Each localization adds up points to the final score:

US - 0.9
UK - 0.9
DE - 0.7
Global - 1
CA - 0.8
FR - 0.7
ES - 0.6
MX - 0.6
BR - 0.6
AU - 0.6
IT - 0.6

The column which represents locales is actually a multi-select column, as my “records” can be present in multiple locations. My formula can already read the value in the Locale cell and add up the corresponding value to the final score, but how can I program it to see, that there are several values, and calculate them all together?

Current formula: IF(Locale=“US”,0.9,(IF(Locale=“UK”,0.9,(IF(Locale=“DE”,0.7,…etc.

Thank you!

Here’s what I came up with:

IF(FIND("Global", Locale), 1) +
IF(FIND("US", Locale), 0.9) +
IF(FIND("UK", Locale), 0.9) +
IF(FIND("DE", Locale), 0.7) +
IF(FIND("CA", Locale), 0.8) +
IF(FIND("FR", Locale), 0.7) +
IF(FIND("ES", Locale), 0.6) +
IF(FIND("MX", Locale), 0.6) +
IF(FIND("BR", Locale), 0.6) +
IF(FIND("AU", Locale), 0.6) +
IF(FIND("IT", Locale), 0.6)

Here’s a test with some randomly-selected options:

Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 6.23.20 PM

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Hey @Justin_Barrett, thank you so much, that’s actually what I needed!

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