Formula to auto-create new row in separate table?

As our business has grown over the last several months, we are finding a need to automate some redundant tasks. Is there a way that I could create a ROW in TABLE 2 when I add a ROW to TABLE 1 (When a certain field is VALID)?

Furthermore, if this is possible - could I have the new linked row auto populate with fixed fields or information?

Ex: Table 1 (Manual Input)
ABC Liquors / 123 Boulevard / John Doe 123-456-7890 / … / Conditional Field that yields NEW ROW Ready to Launch? (Y/N)

Table 2 (How do I add fixed fields in place, if possible)
ABC Liquors / Ready To Launch / …general info… / (Y/N) / Fixed Fields /

Anyone’s expertise is greatly appreciated!

Welcome to the community, @Kyle_Herrod!

Can you explain what you’re trying to do? Is there a reason you want to duplicate multiple pieces of information across 2 tables? This is typically not the best way to setup a database. Maybe you just need to link tables instead, or maybe you just need to create different views in your existing table.

There are no automations built into Airtable, so there is no built-in way in Airtable for you to automatically create a record in a 2nd table, based on a record in a 1st table. You would need to automate the process with a tool like Integromat.

You could also write a custom JavaScript script to do this for you, but you would need to manually run the script every time you want it to happen.

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