Formula to Automatically Update Based on Months/Days

Hi everyone,
I have a fairly complex base tracking financials, burn rate, and runway. I have run into a snag trying to come up with a formula that will automatically update based on what month of the FY we are in (for burn rate). For example, I have a table specifically for burn rate. If I want to see our burn rate YTD, I have to manually update the formula with the current month (burn rate = (starting balance-ending balance/# of months)). Starting balance - ending balance is an easy part but currently I need to manually update the divisor (our FY is from Jan to Dec, so right now I am dividing it by 8.5). How can I get it to update automatically?
Can anyone help?

Hi @Lucie_Tennis,
You can get the current month with:


Then it looks like you are taking the day of the month and dividing by 30 so you might want the following


Which will give you 8.5 as of today August 15

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@Vivid-Squid THANK YOU!!! That did it :blush:

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