Formula to calculate school grade based on birthdate


In an effort to move from Excel to Airtable, I need to see if it is possible for Airtable to calculate grade based on a birthdate. For example, here is my Excel formula (sorry it is a bit nightmarish):


With A1 being the location of the birthdate.

Any ideas? Is this stretching Airtable too far?



Should be possible with this formula:

IF(MONTH(Date) < 9, IF(MONTH(NOW()) < 9, (YEAR(NOW()) - YEAR(Date)) - 6,(YEAR(NOW()) - YEAR(Date)) - 5),IF(MONTH(NOW()) < 9, (YEAR(NOW()) - YEAR(Date)) - 7,(YEAR(NOW()) - YEAR(Date)) - 6))

See example Airtable.


That worked perfect! Thank you so much!