Formula to check whether two column values are same or not


I am looking for a formula to check whether the text of two columns for a particular row are same or not. If they both are same return Same else return Not same. It should ignore uppercase/lowercase.

Example : there are two columns password and re-password. I want a formula to check that both the values are same and return a text Same or Not same in the formula column.


This should do what you are looking for:

      LOWER(password) = LOWER({re-password}), 
      "✅ same",
      "❌ not same"
   "💤 blank"

However, are you certain you want to ignore case?
Passwords are usually case-sensitive, and if you are running a web-service that does not support case-sensitive passwords, I would urge you to change that to allow case-sensitivity – just my 2 cents.


+1 for nice use of the ‘Sleeping Symbol’ emoji…