Formula to combine two linked record fields and retain the record links

I am trying to combine two fields in a base. Both of these fields are Linked Records. Is there a way to combine the two fields and retain the records. Currently I am getting text if I use CONCENTATE or ‘&’

Here is a demo base with the example

Thanks for the help!

I’m afraid not. Formulas only work on text, numbers, dates, and (with some limitations) arrays. There’s no way currently to operate on record links other than to extract the text from the primary key, as you’ve seen.

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Great thanks for the reply. I am thinking now that it might be best to have one table called stakeholders with ‘Internal’ or ‘External’ as a single select. I can create a view for each. That way I can reference Internal or External or both.

Another option I considered was one table that joined the two together but there would be a lot of extra formulas etc. I have added this to the demo base.

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That sounds like a much better option than using separate tables. :+1:

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