Formula to create average not working

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I am having some difficulty with creating a formula in my database. I have one table - ‘Feedback’ - where each row is a bit of customer feedback, and each bit of feedback has a column for ‘Insight’ (i.e. what type of problem it is) and another column for ‘CSAT score’ (ranging from 1-5). I have another table - ‘Insights’ - which lists all the insights from the feedback table in the first column (these are linked).

What I want to do is calculate the average CSAT score for each insight. I have managed to create a new column in the insights table entitled ‘CSAT Score (from Feedback)’ which looks up the CSAT scores from the other table and presents them for each insight, separated by a comma.
What I then want to do is create another column which averages these scores. However, when I used the formula average({CSAT Score (from Feedback)}, I get the error message shown below.

Do you know how I can fix this?? The CSAT scores in the Feedback table are formatted as numbers, so I thought I could get this to work.


Try AVERAGE({CSAT Score (from Feedback)})

You are a genius! Thank you!!! Of course it was missing a ). :woman_facepalming:

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