Formula to determine the season we're in

I want to make formula that tells you in what Season we are. I have the seasons divided as follows:

  • Summer = July-Oct
  • Spring = Mar-June
  • Winter = Nov-Feb

I have a column which shows the number of the month we’re in with help of the formula MONTH(TODAY())

Then in the column next to it I made a nested IF statement which should determine which the season we’re in based on the division I set above, but it’s only showing the season ‘Summer’ when the month column has a number between 7 and 9 (July-September). With the other month numbers it show no result (i.e. a blank cell).

Here’s the IF statement I’m using:

  {Current Month} >= 7, 
  IF({Current Month} <= 10, 'Summer',
    IF({Current Month} >= 3, 
      IF({Current Month} <= 6, 'Spring', 
        IF({Current Month} >= 10, 
          IF({Current Month} <= 12, 
            IF({Current Month} >= 1, 
              IF({Current Month} <= 2, 'Winter') 

It would be great if you could help me out. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Owen_Moss,
You can try this SWITCH formula to clean things up

  1, 'Winter',
  2, 'Winter',
  3, 'Spring',
  4, 'Spring',
  5, 'Spring',
  6, 'Spring',
  7, 'Summer',
  8, 'Summer', 
  9, 'Summer', 
  10, 'Summer',
  11, 'Winter',
  12, 'Winter')

Thank you. That worked.

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