Formula to extract the last word in a multi-word string

I have a column that has strings such as “foo bar thud”, “alpha beta gamma omega” “John Mary”. I want to create another column that just displays the last “word” from each of these strings --> “thud”, “omega”, “Mary”

Any help is appreciated.



Maybe you could nest a couple of SEARCH & REPLACE functions. Searching for the first space and replacing the string from the beginning up to that point with nothing. Combine with a dash of IF() perhaps.

Please note that you will need to nest at least as many times as there would be possible words in your string and the combined function will be a monster.

In other words, there is no proper solution that I’m aware of, but if you really want to do this and need more help let me know.

I wish things like =RIGHT() weren’t restricted to character count. An ‘until’ definer would be really useful. Like, get all characters from the right of a string until a space is encountered.

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Something like searching the other way around (RSEARCH?) would be helpful indeed.

Or a more basic string reverse function would probably be even better…

You’ve probably found your answer by now – but if not, you may want to check this post.

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