Formula to find next Monday date from another date field

Hi - New to Airtable and hoping for some help. I need to find a formula that displays the next occurring Monday date based on a date in another field. Thank you for any suggestions.

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You can use the following formula:

IF(WEEKDAY(date)=0,DATEADD(date,1,"days"), DATEADD(date,8-WEEKDAY(date),"days")) 

The field “date” is the field where you store the date based on which the calculation will run.

Please keep in mind that if the given date is on Sunday the formula returns the date of next Monday which is one day later.

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Dimitris, thank you so much for your help. I used your suggestion to create this formula:
IF(WEEKDAY({US Arrival})=0,DATEADD({US Arrival},1,“days”),DATEADD({US Arrival},8-WEEKDAY({US Arrival},“days”)) - but I get an error that my formula is invalid. I assume it has something to do with my many brackets and parenthesis. Any suggestions?

please copy and past the following:

IF(WEEKDAY({US Arrival})=0,DATEADD({US Arrival},1,"days"), DATEADD({US Arrival},8-WEEKDAY({US Arrival}),"days"))

in your copy your are missing one parenthesis. If it works please flag the case as solved :slight_smile:

Thank you! It worked!

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