Formula to get the parent column

I’m trying to get the parent name based on the page id and parent page id, the image below will exemplify better what I’m trying to accomplish.

Does anyone here already did something like this or is aware about some Airtable native formula to do that?

A formula runs once per row. During that runtime, it only has access to data within the same row. You can see a similar discussion here.

That said, I think linked records and lookups could help a lot here, hopefully negating the need for a formula. Using your example, you could set something up like this:

Fields I’ve added or edited:
Post Parent (linked record)
Post Parent ID (lookup)

Page Title        Page ID        Post Parent ID    Post Parent
About             2
Media Kit         3              2                 About

Take a look at the linked documentation above. The short of it is ‘linked records’ are reference to other rows in the base. While a lookup allows you to grab other field values from that linked record (such as the Page ID).

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