Formula to pull Attachment property

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When checking the API Doc, I can see Airtable is providing size and thumbnails dimensions for an Attachment

Is it possible with a formula (not script) to pull properties from the first attachment?

I tried several things like:
… but didn’t succeed :confused:


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No, this information is not available to formula functions. There aren’t formula functions for attachments.

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As @kuovonne mentioned, the metadata about your attachments is not directly accessible via formula fields, although that would be nice! Please submit this as a feature request to #show-and-tell:product-suggestions and/or to

However, keep in mind that ANYTHING that has access to the Airtable API can pull in that attachment metadata information into your fields for you.

You mentioned that you didn’t want to write a script, but for others reading this, you could always write a custom JavaScript that accesses the Airtable API, and then automatically trigger that JavaScript with an Airtable automation.

If you don’t feel like diving into JavaScript, you could also use an external “no-code” automation platform like Integromat, where the attachment metadata is literally just one click of the mouse button. (And then, of course, Integromat can easily integrate with any other app on the web.)

See screenshot below for how this information is easily selectable in Integromat — just click on what you want with your mouse,

So, you still have other ways of getting this information into your fields, and it can be automated as well.


Thank you people :tada: :wink:

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