Formula to receive youtube thumbnail from video ID


I’m creating a base of videos from youtube.
I have an attachment column in my base and I want to put there video thumbnail.

All thumbnails have the same link but with different ID.

For example:
ID: pAl9SayLzTE
Thumbnail link:


  1. Is there a formula that will create a link to thumbnail with a known ID from another cell?
    So I need some formula that will insert ID in a template instead of XXXXXXX

  1. How can I insert the result of this formula in the Attachment field?

  2. Can I somehow receive other info about a video by the link or video ID? (I understand that is another question and big topic, but maybe you have some useful links to read)


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So, I found myself formula

REPLACE(“”, 24, 1, ID)

But know I can’t find a solution for question №2.
How I can use link from the field Link To Thumbnail and insert in the field Attachement?

For #2, check out this amazing extension which does exactly what you need:

For #3, my guess is that you can do this with the YouTube API via a JavaScript using Airtable’s scripting block, but I’m not 100% sure.

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