Formula to return a date that 'dateadd's a relative amount of days based on 2 separate fields?

Hi! I’m at a loss for how to write this formula correctly, even after referencing multiple other topics on here. What I’m working with:

“Original Release Date” (formula field calculating from multiple Date fields in Table 1).

“Deadline Date Add” (currently manual number field, but I’ve tried it as a text string with '- and ‘days’ incorporated to the field as well)

“Master Due Date”

I need a formula to subtract the “Deadline Date Add” number from the “Original Release Date” and populate a new date in “Master Due Date.” So if “Original Release Date” = 10/12/20, and “Deadline DateAdd” = 10, then I want “Master Due Date” to return 10/2/20

Currently I’m referencing all fields from Table 3 (Table 3 looking up “Original Release Date” from Table 1, and “Deadline Date Add” from Table 2. All date fields are date only, and don’t incorporate time of day/zones.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Nevermind! I figured it out! In case this is helpful to someone else:

DATEADD({Original Release Date}, VALUE(’’ & {Deadline Date Add}), ‘days’)

“Deadline Date Add” is formatted to accept negative numbers.

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