Formula to set Data between Tables / Have Same Data on two tables to show Separate Views


Hi There,

I’m new to Airtable - and it is awesome.

One thing I am having trouble is being to make something very easy for my team to understand with the same dataset.

Basically - show list of data in one view as one table - (e.g. sheet1) and have another view that is the Kanban view as another sheet (eg. sheet 2).

I was trying to set the data in Sheet 2 = to Sheet 1 - as if I were doing a direct link in Excel - but it doesn’t work that way.

What is the recommended way to handle this?

How do you try to type in a formula to pull data from another sheet?

How can I have multiple views be available for the same dataset as separate sheets (that is - not have to change the view of the dataset I am looking for - show the views are always available as separate tabs).

Thanks in advance.


Tabs are for Tables, that contain the Data. Every table may have one or more Views, where you can:

  • Filter the data
  • Hide and Reorder fields
  • Order and Group the Records
  • Few little more things

The same data should be in the same Table. For visualizing purposes you should use Views.


Understood, I am thinking like Excel , where you can have multiple PivotTables that are different views on the same data expressed as separate sheets. The value is that other users do not need to reorient the view…just click next without getting confused.

Similarly, you can update the source data and refresh the PivotTables.

Basically- I am not arguing what things are- I am looking for what I believe would be an improvement.


But I still don’t know what you’re proposing or why you can’t use Views. I think your Excel terminology could influence (I don’t know much about Pivot Tables).

You’re calling the tables as ‘sheet’.

You can’t have Views working in tabs (tables/sheets).