Formula to show dates before a certain date in the past

Hi Trying to create a formula to show all records before an actual date but not say today, last week etc.

Can see how to do if I want today etc but not an actual date

Originally, wanted to created formula to show records that fall in my accounts year end so within date range of 1 April 2020 and 31 March 2021 = 20/21. And to use for every year.

Going around in circles to find!

Can anyone help please?

just use the date like this

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Thanks Ilan really thought I tried that one first but must have not quite got it correct!

So that is step one. My ultimate aim is to create formula that will update all future records

After 1/4/2020 and Before 31//3/2021 = 20/21
After 1/4/2021 and Before 31//3/2022 = 21/22

Do you have any ideas how to create a formula to do this without any more manual input.

Any help much appreciated. Thank you


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Thank you so much! You are so kind :grinning:

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