Formula will not calculate with a linked field value

I’m trying to create an order form that calculates price (FORMULA column) by multiplying the SQ. FT. size of an item by the SQ. FT. PRICE of the material. The SQ. FT. column is a simple calculation done based on sizes input into the order form. The SQ. FT. PRICE column is a linked field value pulled in from a different table (based on the material part number). I keep getting #ERROR! on the calculation.

The Error appears to be stemming from using a linked field value.

Look at the second image below…when I change the formula to use a different value from the same table it calculates without an issue.

Is this an odd occurrence or are you not able to use linked fields in formulas?



Hi Mark. That lookup field is coming through as an array of something non-numeric (what was the field type in the linked table?). Try making it a string, and then using the VALUE() function on it in your formula.

{Sq. Ft.}*VALUE({Sq. Ft. Price}&'')

Let me know if that solves it.

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Perfect…didn’t think to check the format since it was formatted like a number. But it was, in fact, formatted as text. Thanks for your help!

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