Formula with formatting for cemetery database

I have created this database to catalog those buried in a cemetery. I understand that I can’t use formatting in a formula–unfortunately. In a perfect world, I need to format “short name” in quotes (or bolding) and “maiden name” in italics. Could any of the experts suggest a different approach if indeed formatting is not available in formulas?


Hey Sam,

Adding quotes is possible in a formula field, for your field, something like the below could be added.

IF({Short Name},"\" ","")

When adding quotes you need to add a ‘’ before so that the formula knows to treat the quote as a string.

So your formula would look like this (apologies, I didn’t write out the whole formula but you get the idea):

{First Name} & " " & IF({Short Name}," \"","") & {Short Name} & IF({Short Name},"\" ","") & {Middle Name} & " " & {Last Name} & " " & Suffix

You can see this in the base, I duplicated it here.

As far as I know, it isn’t possible to make words bold or italics in formulas.

Hope this helps!

Thanks John. Final and successful formula:

{First Name} & " " & IF({Short Name}," \"") & {Short Name} & IF({Short Name},"\" ") & {Middle Name} & " " & IF({Maiden Name}," [") & {Maiden Name} & IF({Maiden Name},"] ") & {Last Name} & " " & {Suffix} &("(")&DATETIME_FORMAT({Birth Date},"YYYY")&("-")&DATETIME_FORMAT({Death Date},"YYYY")&(")")

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