Formulas containing rounded integers

Hi all, I’m working with a set of formulas for calculating a page count estimate for transcription based on length of audio recording, and then based on that page estimate, calculating a price based on a per-page and copy rate.

Here’s the formula I’m working with for the page estimate:
({Recording Length}/3600)*50

And the formula for calculating the price is:
({Page Estimate}{Job Rate})+(({Page Estimate}{Additional Copies})*{Copy Rate})

The problem I’m having is that even though the {Page Estimate} field is set to be a whole number integer and displays as such, when the {Page Estimate} field is used in the price calculation, it’s not using the rounded integer but the precise decimal amount.

For example, the page estimate is 233.666, rounded to 234 as a whole integer. But instead of calculating 234 * {Job Rate}, it’s using 233.66666 * {Job Rate}.

Thanks for any ideas to solve this!

Try putting the current formula inside the CEILING() function.

Yes, that worked. Thanks so much!!

I put the ceiling function around my page estimate formula so it now looks like this:
CEILING(({Recording Length}/3600)*50)

So that formula now returns a whole number, regardless of the formatting of the field (integer, decimal, etc.)

Thanks again for your help.

UPDATE: While the ceiling function worked to give me a whole number, it always rounded up, which I didn’t want. Instead, I used the ROUND() function so my formula looks like:
ROUND(({Recording Length}/3600)*50,0)

Ah. I didn’t realize that you wanted to round down as well. I’m glad that you found the ROUND function on you own.

In my kiddo’s math word problems, I had to explain that when you can’t have a partial thing, you need to always go up to make sure you have enough.

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