Formulas not displaying correct math

The formula is simple in that I want field A multiplied by field B to = field C

What happens is because field B is rounded due to the limit I put in the field because I just want two places after the decimal, it is calculating based upon the original math and not what the cell shows. For example.

51 x 68.33 = 3,484.83 but the cell shows 3,848.70 bc of the original amount being 68.3275

How do I get the field B to use the actual data in the cell instead of the original so that if someone not in the know can see that 51 * 68.33 = 3,484.83

Thank you in advance!

The rounding in {field B} occurs only as a formatting option in the user interface, not in how the value is actually stored. In your formula field, the actual stored value is being used, not the rounded version.

If you want to use the rounded value in your formula, you can use the ROUND(value, precision) function.

{field A} * ROUND({field B}, 2)

Note that if {field B} is itself a formula or rollup field, you might want to included ROUND in that original function instead.

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Ever so much thanks!

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