(Forum) 'Bump' button for (seemingly) inactive feature requests? Status indicator?


Alright, so…
I hate to be obnoxious, but I’d really like a way to check the status of a feature request.
For example, this one;

I have it liked, or ‘heart’-ed, or whatever you call it.
But nothing’s happened on it for nearly half a year, so I’d like some kind of status marker, a way to see the last admin action on it, whether it’s still being considered, or been backlogged, or been dropped, etc.; or ideally some way to buzz you and show I’m still interested in this feature. Somehow (if reasonably) bump up the priority or ‘bump’ the post so it remains relevant?

Because I also don’t want to post content-less replies for said purpose. I know you don’t like that. But I think it also keeps the really active, involved community here feeling a little more involved in development.