FR: Offline mode

This would show the last known table schema and data that was shown, but would allow to make records and sync when the mobile device comes back online. Issues would be resolved via the web to validate issues.


Yes, Offline Mode please!! I use databases to store gps waypoints, notes, images and all kinds of information about outdoor locations (many of which are outside of cell coverage) and although I love Airtable, in it’s present form it can’t be used for any data gathering outside of cell coverage. This would be greatly beneficial to outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, surveyors, disaster relief, restoration, construction, forestry, you name it- any type of activity that takes a person outside of cell coverage.

Here is one idea on how to accomplish this…
-User would have an “Offline” switch and the app would warn the user the device will download a full copy of the database to the local device which can be read, edited, etc but no table structures or relationships may be edited in offline mode. Only records can be read, edited and added in offline mode but table, form and field types are locked while offline.
-When connectivity is re-established, an integrity check would be done to ensure that the table structures and relationships have not changed (by other users that were online) since the user went offline. If architecture has changed, user is presented with a choice to either make a copy of the device data with the prefix “syncconflict_” or ask the user if they want local device data replaced with the current server structure and data.

In any case, I really hope Airtable implements an Offline Mode as soon as possible. It would make this app so much more userful for so many types of businesses, organizations and activities that do not necessary have data coverage 100% of the time.


I need the offline modus too!!! I can’t use Airtable without it :frowning:


My Idea is to have encapsulated snapshots backed up to your device and viewable with a user defined update point.


Yes! Offline access!


the use cases are plentiful.
For example in film production there are many potential uses, from locations to shot lists and script / continuity.
And we’re often working on remote locations, in basements, etc. where mobile coverage is bad or nonexistent.


Most definitely the most useful feature to be able to work offline. Right now, when the internet connection is not good, it takes too long to upload databases especially when it gets large.

Airtable is the most used app, because I have so much information on it. Not able to work offline is an impediment.


Yes, our business would be in ruins if (knock on wood) we ever have data issues. +1 for this feature.


Just when I wanted to find something, there is no data, or very slow data. OFFLINE is a must for databases. Really appreciate it.


soon to come i hope?


Just started to use Airtable yesterday and found this app just fantastic… until I realized it is not usable offline. This is unfortunately a show stopper for me.
I travel a lot around the world for work and wanted to use Airtable as a resource center for many info I need to have on hand all the time.
Unfortunately in my case roaming cost can quickly become a huge hurdle…


I second (or… 32nd) this feature request.

Until cellular service is universal and unbroken (100-300 years from now), Airtable will only be a truly mobile-friendly solution when it is available for viewing (at least) and editing (ideally) offline.


agreed 1000 percent…


Airtable needs an offline mode (similar spotify e.g.)

I can’t work with airtable when my device is disconnected. I don’t can see my tables, no editing, nothing can I do in this case.


agreed, and there are multiple requests for offline mode but unfortunately they are all fragmented all over the site. we need to combine our requests into a single Offline Mode feature request that everyone can get on board with, to maximize visibility to this. I will say, Airtable has replied to me personally and said this is in their plans, but no indication of when it may be available. If lots of people need it, it may help to move it up the priority list.


Another vote here for offline access. Airtable appears to be a wonderful database but not having access while offline is a deal-breaker for me.


I agree with almost every offline request and purpose 100%. No offline access, has been at the top of my “deal-breaker” list for as long as I have had a “deal-breaker” list (at least a decade).
Since this app seems to be sooo incredible, I can’t help but to jump in at least knee deep, and start learning/using.
BUT I can not see ever using it for serious data storage and manipulation until offline access is a feature.
Thank you, for what you have offered to all of us, so far. It is a beautiful piece of software and iOS app!


another bump for offline mode. devs- please note that there are two separate threads full of users requesting this so if you search for “offline” you will find all the requests. this is more popular and critical than it may appear at first glance. i know you have this in your plans but i hope the priority will be stepped up. thanks!

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I wish AirTable would issue some type of stance on offline access for mobile devices. I don’t want to waste my time reading emails and forums for this software if offline access isn’t on the table. The software is unusable to me without it.

AirTable, is offline access for mobile devices in the works anytime soon?


Plus one for offline mode, especially now since there is a desktop version of the app. I would expect that the desktop version would act similarly to ever note’s desktop app which keeps everything local for offline use, but then syncs to the cloud version to update. Right now, the desktop version seems to be almost identical to the web app, but offline mode would be a big differentiator.