FR: Offline mode

How would you want to use Airtable offline?
Not a ton, but it would be super valuable for the minutes or days I happen to not have service: from the basement of my office to a road trip through the mountains

Do you use Airtable alone, or with collaborators?
Currently alone, but I’ve been envisioning uses for collaboration where I currently use Google Sheets or nothing at all.

How much do you need to be able to do in Airtable while offline?
Read-only would be way better than having no offline access. Ability to create/edit/delete records while offline would be a plus.

For how long do you need to be able to use Airtable offline?
See above: a couple minutes to a couple days.

How tolerant would you be of having to resolve merge conflicts manually?
No problem – for me that would be much better than losing access to Airtable.

Would you primarily be using offline mode on desktop or mobile?
Primarily mobile, but I can see situations where desktop browser use would be great.


Thanks for your email :+1:t2:

I’m out of office and will be back on August the 26th.

I’m really sorry, but during this period I’ll have very limited access to my email.

For urgent matters please send me a message on WeChat or Whatsapp.

Thanks again, and talk to you soon!

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