FR: Offline mode

How would you want to use Airtable offline?
Not a ton, but it would be super valuable for the minutes or days I happen to not have service: from the basement of my office to a road trip through the mountains

Do you use Airtable alone, or with collaborators?
Currently alone, but I’ve been envisioning uses for collaboration where I currently use Google Sheets or nothing at all.

How much do you need to be able to do in Airtable while offline?
Read-only would be way better than having no offline access. Ability to create/edit/delete records while offline would be a plus.

For how long do you need to be able to use Airtable offline?
See above: a couple minutes to a couple days.

How tolerant would you be of having to resolve merge conflicts manually?
No problem – for me that would be much better than losing access to Airtable.

Would you primarily be using offline mode on desktop or mobile?
Primarily mobile, but I can see situations where desktop browser use would be great.

Sad to see no progression on this feature.

A key part of the spreadsheets Airtable is replacing is the ability to work regardless of whether im online or not. Most commonly ill be at a creative meeting at a random location and not have WiFi, in the past i would just update sheets accordingly and once online the changes would sync to everyone shared, with Airtable this simply does not exist.

Yes it is sad. I’m sure it’s not the easiest thing but at the same time many other apps have figured out how to solve the sync issue. Evernote, Wunderlist, Hitask, and several other cloud based system has been able to pull this off. Even Clickup is giving an attempt to increase the offline usability in their launch of Clickup 2.0.

We have a team that needs to do a lot of travel. Being able to work on Airtable tickets while flying with poor or no connectivity or add todo notes on the go between meetings in low connectivity areas would be hugely useful.

This feature would enable a whole new set of use cases for us.

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Offline mode please please please!

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+1 for offline access

I travel a lot for work, at places where i don’t have or cannot organise an internet connection.

I would upgrade my account instantly if offline mode was an option.

The best,


+1 for Offline. Sync is a complicated issue, although one that many organizations have solved. Practically speaking, I work several hours a day while mobile, and internet is spotty to nonexistent. Our team can’t move forward with airtables if its isn’t usable for 20% of the my work day.

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A specific situation where this would be an amazing feature.

My team is in the field everyday doing surveys and we use Airtable to track the contacts who have taken our surveys, how many projects are currently open and also gather an inventory of the products they have.

It would be nice to be able to make the product database offline so we can go into a big metal building with no internet connection and still add the inventory into the specific contact’s record either in the app or via a form. In this situation, the inventory doesn’t change when it would be offline, just adding another contact to that specific product would change, so saving a version of the database on my phone would be no issue.

It would also be nice to pull up images from Airtable for specific projects to show my contacts the new product idea I am trying to explain but without internet I am forced to save it and then find it in my images and have multiple duplicates.

Hope this helps make a better product for the future.

Is there any update on this? This query was opened in 2016.

A lack of ability to work offline is preventing my studio from fully committing to Airtable, its a fantastic product, but there are a variety of situations, most commonly someone being on a long haul flight or a brief concept meeting held somewhere without access to WiFi. The ability to work offline is invaluable, as others have suggested, a caveated offline mode where a user accepts that conflicts may require manual involvement to resolve would be completely acceptable.


Thanks for this, I learned a lot. Question: would it be possible to make Airtable readable offline? I mainly need this: the ability to access information within the databse when I did not have the foresight to know what I would need to look for.



A quick suggestion:

For me, even having a read-only version available offline would be a huge asset.



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Just to raise my hand and reiterate:
Offline Mode please!

I love the easy and intuitive user experience of AirTable with a lot of flexiblity.

But I travel a lot, especially flying with no or unreliable internet access.
Without offline mode AirTable is close to useless for me.

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