FR: Offline mode

Cool !

Moreover, I don’t know what you plan on building but be aware that it should be different than exporting to a spreadsheet. Meaning what’s cool with airtable is using the filters and the views with the data. Even if it’s offline, which would mean we cannot enter new data, but work in a flexible manner with the one we have. Just like in a regular base. Otherwise, it’s a spreadsheet if you know what I mean.

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I understand, I’ll make sure I don’t just avail the data but also the context it had been presented in airtable. I am totally working on that. The aim is very much to bring the airtable experience offline and not just its data.

Hey community,

Its time to take your Airtable in the offline mode :slightly_smiling_face: . I have built an offline mobile solution for Airtable called AirPlug which allows you to sync your tables behind the scene automagically.

But make no mistake, we don’t just aim to avail your Airtable data offline but rather the entire Airtable experience.

Our current version supports a complete Read Mode of your data.

If interested please mail me at . Looking foward to assist you.


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So sad that this still has not been implemented. At least a way to view data offline would be nice. I am so often at a customer and can‘t access my data.