FR: Show Revisions to Specific Fields Only -OR- Tied to Shown Fields in View

In Airtable, I have tables with many columns – between 50 and 150 columns. Many people are modifying various fields in each record all the time. Let’s say you have 20 people simultaneously changing separate fields within a single record.

Now, when I want to review revision history for a given record, I usually only want to see relevant changes to one single field/column for that record. Right now, I have to paginate and filter out changes for all extraneous fields/columns to find specific changes to one specific field/column.

This process is really annoying.

I’d like a way to either:

  1. Show just revisions to a specific field/column for a specific record
  2. At least some sort of filter mechanism in the revision history view of the record, in order to filter out irrelevant changes to other fields/columns that I’m not interested in
  3. If you are viewing the record details from a view that has specific fields/columns hidden in the view, then by definition, hide any changes pertaining to hidden fields/columns because they are not relevant for the user – in other words, if users want to see revision changes to specific fields/columns in a record, they would need to make sure those fields/columns are not hidden in the corresponding view.
    You could then create like a checkbox in the revision history view – something like: “ Hide Field Changes By View”. That way, it would be easy for users to switch between seeing all field/column changes versus seeing only field/column changes relevant to a particular view.

Wow, this is a great idea. The revision history has always been useless in my opinion, because of these problems. Enabling a better way to view record and table history would be a huge plus for Airtable!