FR: UUID() as a Formula!

Okay, I’m going to make this ask as simple as possible:

  • Give us the ability to define a new Airtable formula function called UUID()

  • The output of UUID() remains STATIC and anchored solely to the RECORD_ID() value.

  • This means the ONLY time UUID() values change IF and ONLY IF the RECORD_ID() value changes.

  • As a byproduct of this, whenever you duplicate a given record/row, that duplicated record/row’s UUID WILL BE DIFFERENT than the source/original record/row.

Actually, there might be value in having three variants of UUID():

UUID(Anchor=RECORD_ID()) - the UUID is anchored to RECORD_ID() value

UUID(Anchor=CREATED_TIME()) - the UUID is anchored to CREATED_TIME() value

UUID(Anchor={Field Name}) - the UUID is anchored to the FIRST value provided to {Field Name}