Free database over limit?



I’ve accidentally copied huge number of records to my database. It went over limit. Later when I’ve deleted them it’s still over limit, therefore I can’t use it?

I’ve spent long hours preparing that database and it’s locked. What can i do except paying for upgrade?


Hi Robert_Matyszewski

There is the option to pay for a month (fees are in USD). You can choose the cheapest plan that will accommodate the amount of records before you canceled them, and do what you need to do with your records to keep within the limit and then cancel your subscription, before the month is up. Or you can contact Airtable, but that might take about a week or so for a reply.

Unless, someone else might have a suggestion, in the Airtable Community.

What I have done with the free plan, is I split up my database into about 500 records, in each base (to accommodate future base growth) and then I just titled it, showing the range of unique numbers in that base, so I can see right away which base I need i.e. SCOTT# 1-500. I don’t know how that would work for you, but it’s one soluttion, without having to pay and you could still have as many records as you need.

Hope this helps.



I have the same issue.

Does this mean that one you fill 1201 rows for any reason, even if you normally have far fewer you are forwever “over limits”


Hi Anson_Griffen

Yes, I believe so. No matter what base or bases has over 1,200 records/rows, at any given time, (Airtable does not calculate or average the number of records on a daily or monthly bases), rather by the number of records in each base, at any given time, and up to 2 GB for attachment space, per base. Once the limit is hit, then you will have to pay.

Here is a link to Airtable pricing, it also mentions what features are available for each plan:

Hope this helps.



I’ve copied the base with no records to keep the schema
Then I’ve copied some records (300 records) and the copied version is also over limit even with 300 records.

Why is that?

I’ve accidentally posted to much data but still would like to get somehow my database with lower few hundred records


Hi Robert_Matyszewski

I thought that you might beable to adjust your number of records at your end, but I believe that since you got locked out, you will have to contact Airtable Support. Hopfuly, you will beable to restore your base, but Support can advise you. These bases can take a lot of time to create, so when something like this happens, it is not fun.

Sorry, that I was not more helpful.



Actually, it just started working on a copy of my database.


Hi Robert_Matyszewski

That’s great. I guess there are advantages to copying a database, after all. :grinning:

I hope you were able to get all of your records back.