Freeze view to stop new records entering


Is there a way to ‘freeze’ a view so any newly created records don’t enter it. I’ve got to download a load of data from the table and run them through another software and then re-upload the results. I’m hoping i can just paste in the results but i new records enter the view that weren’t included in the original download then there might be a race condition.

Thanks in advance

The only way to prevent new records from entering a view is to be sure that no new records meet the filtering conditions of the view.

If you mean no newly created records, you could use a created time field, and set the filter to include only records created before a static date.

Another option is to create a checkbox field for the records you want to include and set the view to only show records with the checkbox selected. Then don’t set the checkbox for any other records.

Is there a way to set a date and time? When i filter on a datetime
column it only lets me select a date but not a time.

Since you need to filter based on a time as well as a date, you need a formula field.

One approach is to convert the date/Time to a number in a formula and then filter on the number. There are several ways to convert a date/Time to a number, but this is one that I prefer because the number does not look like a date/time. When a number looks like a date/time such as 202108170915 (August 17, 2021 at 9:15am) things can get confusing due to time zone issues.


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