Freezing Data From Linked Records


I have a table that I use to raise quotes and orders that pulls information from linked records in a ‘Price List’ table. The issue that I have is that my supplier issues price changes every 3-4 months and I don’t want those price changes to be reflected in historical orders that were made at a previous price.

Does anyone know of a way to freeze the data in a row so that changes to the linked record will not be reflected in those historical rows.


There are loads of use cases for this - and at the moment the only possible way to do this that I know of is though Zapier (or the API I guess) - by using a Zap to look up price list at the time and update the quote or order. The problem with this is that it’s not instant (it may well take 15 minutes) so is pretty impractical in this scenario I would guess.

Instant Zaps (or webhooks) when a record is updated (or, even better in this case, when a field is updated) would probably solve the problem for this and many other cases (but you’d need Zapier as well as Airtable). I consider Zapier to be an almost essential add on for Airtable anyway.


Yup. Long story short: not possible by default. You’ll have to store (as opposed to look up) the value somewhere.


Hey, six months ago you were having a problem. :wink:

The forum just recommended I read your post, and if you are still hunting for a solution or (more likely) for those who stumble across this post while researching their own issues, probably the best way to handle this is through the use of price lists or schedules. I made a minor change to a standard Airtable template that added this sort of persistence; you can find my introductory post and links to a demonstration base here.