Freezing top rows

I’m new to Airtable, I’m trying to freeze several rows at the top, in addition to the ability to freeze columns (like “freeze panes” in Excel). Is this possible on the free plan? Is there a better solution?

For example, let’s say my records are students and my columns are classes. Each class has some metadata - its location, times and teacher. Currently it’s specified in the first several rows, instead of them holding student data, so the student list begins at about row 6. I need to see this info when I’m scrolling the list of students.


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Hey there! my recommendation is that you put the other data in a different table and reference it using a “link to”

so create one table for Students and another for classes.

Hope that helps!

Thanks @andywingrave. I’m not sure how this will solve the problem that the data disappears when I scroll down. Am I missing something…?

Hey! Yes - Because each Student would be aligned with a class, so the data will scroll with you, as it will now be on the record?

Please can you give an example of the data you’re trying to freeze?

h*ttp:// (I can’t post images or links - a rep issue probably? Please remove the asterisk)

That is the general layout, the gray BG is the data that I want to remain fixed when I’m scrolling. In Excel I just hit “freeze panes” when standing on B5 and it does the trick :slight_smile:

You could try something like this -

But this is just replicating the data structure you have. I would probably recommend a timetable like structure for this - Perhaps look in the airtable universe for some inspiration - Eg: Shool Club Management System - Airtable Universe

Thanks @andywingrave, I will keep exploring :).

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