From a field with linked records, select only those record with certain features

For a table with organizations I have a field {funded by} which lists all the organizations the organization is funded by. These organizations come in three types listed in {organization type}: government agencies, businesses or nonprofits. Now on the basis of the field ‘funded by’ and the fact that each of the linked records in that field have a feature that specifies whether they are government agencies, businesses or nonprofits, I want to use formulas to create three separate fields, ‘funded by government agencies’, ‘funded by businesses’ and ‘funded by nonprofits’.

So I’d like to use a kind of formula like “for each item in {funded by}, if its value in {organization type} is ‘business’ then add to this field {funded by these businesses}.”

How can I best do this? Am I missing something obvious?

Just thought of something: I can create three fields {funding as government agency}, {funding as business}, {funding as nonprofit}, and then for example for the {funding as business} field: “if {organization type}=“business”,{is funding},”"), and so for each organization depending on whether they are a government agency, business or nonprofit, put all the items from their {is funding} field in one of those fields, and then use the same-table parent-child script to populate for each organization the {funded by these businesses} or {funded by these government agencies} or {funded by these nonprofits} fields.

This works. So thanks to me I guess!

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