From Airtable to document signing website?

We have 10,000+ clients that need to sign a legal document. I’m thinking I’ll have them authenticate via an Airtable form and then give them a link to a different site where they can sign the document. Anybody done anything like this? What third-party site did you use for signing the document – DocuSign? Something else?

Having them download the Airtable app is simply out of the question. Has to be done entirely in web browser and we’re hoping to make it as easy as possible.

Any suggestions gratefully received!


Probably going to be tough to do with Airtable forms. Likely could be done with 3rd party tool like Typeform or Jotform.

We use Jotform as our preferred form solution and have built our own connector between jotform and Airtable (


THANK YOU for the response! I’ve already contacted JotForm and will look also at Typeform and at your connector. I’ll probably need some sort of a connector as ideally the form on the form-signing service’s website will have been populated with the client’s name and address so that all they (the client) need to do is review and sign.

Thanks again.

Sure, I haven’t used this but does appear you can do e-sign from within jotform:

And showing the clients name and address pulled directly from Airtable on the form can be done with our On2Air: Forms product.